we met…

… Pluto: … Tigger: … Minnie … Chip and Dale (Chip is the Smoocher!) … and a whole host of other characters which I will blog about when I have more energy 😉

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Kisses for Minnie Mouse!

Just a quickie… we spent ALL DAY at Epcot on Sunday – from 9am until after 9pm. Proper blog to follow when we have more time… We arrived at 9am when the park opened… We met, and had photos taken, and recieved autographs from LOADS of Disney Characters… it was actually really fun! We stayed […]

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Orlando Accommodation

So, we arrived for our week in Orlando today!! We spent most of the day at NASA (which Peter will blog about as soon as he can drag his ass away from the TV 😉 Anyway – we are staying in a townhouse Peter found online HERE and let me say, it is AWESOME!! A […]

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Money, Money Money!

In 2 weeks we will be there!! Yesterday, Peter got our Forex 🙂 We have some actual money (Dollars and Pounds – pounds for our return – we spend 8 hours in Heathrow! Omg – it’s gonna be so boring), and we opted for a Cash Passport, loaded with dollars. The other day, Philly_Girl asked […]

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Disneyworld Accommodation

In about 5 weeks time, we will be in Disneyworld! HOORAY!! this past weekend we booked our accommodation. We’ll be staying at a place called Grand Palms in Orlando. It’s pretty much 10 minutes from all the places we are going while we are in Orlando. It’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse, with kitchen, […]

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