Food Food Food!

So much of delicious food in America! I swear, we’ve picked up 10kg’s between us!! Here is a list of some of the places we’ve been/things we’ve eaten/drunk: Wendy’s Steak ‘n Shake (or as we call it, shake a snake) – very yummy!! Jason’s Deli – wraps were DIVINE and you get a free mini […]

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we met…

… Pluto: … Tigger: … Minnie … Chip and Dale (Chip is the Smoocher!) … and a whole host of other characters which I will blog about when I have more energy 😉

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Universal’s Island of Adventure (Wizarding World of Harry Potter)

Another quickie… we’ll do proper posts when we have more time 🙂 Monday 18 october, we went to Universal’s Islands of Adventure park. – This blog post is dedicated to my Harry Potter fanatic friends who have been hounding me for photos and info: Michelle and Lindsey – this is for you fangirls!! I hope […]

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Got Butterbeer…?

So, we went to this theme park about some kid wizard or something… have you heard of it…? 😉

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Kisses for Minnie Mouse!

Just a quickie… we spent ALL DAY at Epcot on Sunday – from 9am until after 9pm. Proper blog to follow when we have more time… We arrived at 9am when the park opened… We met, and had photos taken, and recieved autographs from LOADS of Disney Characters… it was actually really fun! We stayed […]

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NASA we have liftoff

Well today was the day we started our great trek up to Orlando. This is where we plan to spend 8 days running around some of the worlds greatest theme parks. But first its NASA, i got Tanya to come with me to the Kennedy Space Center, the very place that man was shot into […]

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Orlando Accommodation

So, we arrived for our week in Orlando today!! We spent most of the day at NASA (which Peter will blog about as soon as he can drag his ass away from the TV 😉 Anyway – we are staying in a townhouse Peter found online HERE and let me say, it is AWESOME!! A […]

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The Keys – part 2 – Long Key to Key West

So, after leaving Ingrid & Fred at Lime Tree, peter and I headed off to Key West! Travelling to the Southern Most point in the United States!! The weather was a bit miserable, so the Seven Mile Bridge was not as spectacular as it would be on a clear day. Yip – that’s a 7 […]

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key west (kindle test)

this post is posted via our kindle 🙂 we in key west. we staying at the southernmost gueshouse and decided to splurge ad booked into their honeymoon suite. today we walked up and down the main street here… duval st. saw lotsa cool stuff and bought afew goodies. also had our first slice of keylime […]

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In the Keys

On Sunday afternoon we all took a roadtrip down to the Florida Keys. Two nights in Lime Tree Bay Resort and then we going to move down to Key West for 2 nights. Its so relaxing here – hammocks hanging from every palm tree. Canoes out in the dock for whenever you want. We took […]

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