Leaving JHB to 8 Oct 2010

We left JHB at 9pm on Tue 5 Oct. The flight to Heathrow was about 11 hours and pretty uneventful. We had prebooked our seats, so we had a lot of legroom – very pleased about that!! The food was pretty gross but the airhostesses were very friendly (a little older than what i’m used […]

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We’ve arrived!

after a long long trip (of about 25 hours) we are here… in florida still feels a bit surreal. will blog properly when we are rested and settled! it’s not too hot – probably about the same temp as JHB when we left. It is rather windy tho. Flights were fine – quite uneventful. Transer […]

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Well, one week to go Our flight leaves on Tuesday evening… so that’s basically one week and 9 hours I was lying in bed last night thinking about the impending holiday, I’m really excited about a whole bunch of things but amidst the excitement, I forgot about how we are actually going to get there!! […]

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Disneyworld Accommodation

In about 5 weeks time, we will be in Disneyworld! HOORAY!! this past weekend we booked our accommodation. We’ll be staying at a place called Grand Palms in Orlando. It’s pretty much 10 minutes from all the places we are going while we are in Orlando. It’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse, with kitchen, […]

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Medieval Times

OMG! Peter found this place while checking out tourisrty things to do in Florida – and showed it to me, and i just HAD to go!!! It’s called Medieval Times … 6 knights dressed in Medieval gear clash in a jousting tournament! On horseback! Dinner is also included. Wow, it looks like SUCH FUN! I […]

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