Kisses for Minnie Mouse!

Just a quickie…

we spent ALL DAY at Epcot on Sunday – from 9am until after 9pm.

Proper blog to follow when we have more time…

We arrived at 9am when the park opened…

We met, and had photos taken, and recieved autographs from LOADS of Disney Characters… it was actually really fun!

We stayed to watch the nightly firework display, which is on at 9pm every night…

and we left, with very very tired sore feet – but it was an AWESOME DAY!!

7 Responses to “Kisses for Minnie Mouse!”

  1. Carmel says:

    Very nice pictures. Looks like you guys are having a fabulous time. You must be absolutely buggered – you will need another holiday when you get home – lol

  2. Gary says:

    Peter! Have you got your hand on Minnies ass?
    Tanya, I don’t think theres a single person who doesn’t come out of EPCOT with there brains properly fried!


  3. Gavin Lorimer says:

    Oscar would be really confused with Minnie, because she has a white face and the rest is black.

  4. Loraine says:

    …sending love. Where are you getting time to blog in between these exciting looking days!? xoxo

  5. Ingrid says:

    Hope you did the Mexico ride … the most mellow of them all!

  6. Lindsey says:

    I want Harry Potter pics =(

  7. Claire says:

    Love the Disney pics….Looks like loads of fun!!! Enjoy!!!

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