Leaving JHB to 8 Oct 2010

We left JHB at 9pm on Tue 5 Oct.

The flight to Heathrow was about 11 hours and pretty uneventful. We had prebooked our seats, so we had a lot of legroom – very pleased about that!!

The food was pretty gross but the airhostesses were very friendly (a little older than what i’m used to!)

Landed in London at 6am (London time) raining, miserable, grey, rather typical ;) We only had a 2 hour wait for our connecting flight – which seemed like the perfect amount of time. We grabbed a drink and a snack at the Starbucks and took a slow walk to our boarding gates.

The 8 hour flight to Miami was pretty uneventful again. I slept a fair amount on both flights.

FINALLY we landed in Miami (1pm Florida time) – took FOREVER to get thru passport control!!!

I saw my sister the second we walked thru the doors… when she eventually saw us, she started waving the old SA flag around – haha!! (and a USA flag).

We (peter, me, my sister – Ingrid and her BF Fred) all piled into her little sports car and took the hours drive back to her place. We were pretty buggered.

We had lasagne and salad for dinner, and had a pretty early night.

On Thursday we rented a car so that we wouldn’t have to pile into the small car ;)

We did some sightseeing around the beaches and took a drive through the larney areas in Palm Beach.

Stopped off at The Norton Museum of Art as they were having a Van Gogh Self POrtrait Exhibition. Turned out it was only one self portrait.

It was a bit of a let down, but we had a good laugh at all sorts of stuff – ESPECIALLY this piece called “The Artist who Swallowed the World”:

Grabbed a bite for lunch at a sidewalk cafe type place.

Oooooh, we went shopping with Fred at the grocery store called Publix – Fred says he is the world’s slowest shopper – well… by the time he was done, we had only made it halfway through Publix!! haha. Such cool stuff :) and their fresh fish section is UH-MAY-ZING!! Fresh salmon steaks, scallops, prawns, and king size crab legs that are almost a metre long!!! WOW!!

Scheduled into our calendar for that night was “A special event dinner for Peter and Tanya” … Ingrid says to me to open a big trunk in her lounge… it is FILLED to the BRIM with presents!!!! For all the birthdays and christmasses she has missed over the past 11 years she’s been in the states!

So, Peter and I spent about an hour or so opening presents and oohing and aaahing at all the goodies :)
My “21st” present is a florida keyring with a key to her front door :D :D how cool is that!!? We also got a hammock, an ENORMOUS towel, fake tattoos, a bunch of Miami Dolphins stuff (caps, jacket, necklace etc etc). Was very very cool :D

Ingrid made delicious ribs for dinner and we sat around chatting for ages.

Friday morning was supposed to be an early start – but we were running a bit late ;)
We got to the Loxahatchee River for canoeing at about 10:30am, grabbed our canoes and set off down the picturesque river keeping an eye out for ‘gators, otters, turtles, birds etc. It was gorgeous!. We all kinda sucked at manoeuvring the canoes tho. much laughter!!
Stopped off and had a picnic of Publix Roast Beef Subs (yes dad, roast beef subs! om nom nom!!)
Then we had to make our way upstream and back to the starting point!

Stopped off at Jupiter Blowing Rocks.Lots of photos and posing in ridiculous positions ;)

On our way home we stopped for a burger and a milkshake at “Steak ‘n Shake” and had the most delicious shakes and burgers… Mmmmmm!

Then, at the last minute, Fred said his daughter was part of the marching band at his kids’ school for a football match – would we like to go…? HELL YEAH! So, off we went to watch The Cobras high school football :) was pretty cool – Peter really enjoyed it!! I enjoyed the marching band stuff – was really good!!

Got back home and had an early night – all that canoeing REALLY tired us out!!

The weather is great – not as hot as i thought it would be. It’s probably about 30 degrees celcius or so. We’re having an awesome time!!
Today we are off to Walmart… and tomorrow morning we are off to The Keys for a few days – really looking forward to that!

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  1. Gina says:

    So glad you made it safe and sound. Sounds like youa re having a blast!!! Cant wait for more updates.
    Have fun kids!

  2. Harry and Oscar says:

    Sup parents. Glad to see you are having fun on holiday ( although I don’t think you are having as much fun as we are at Hotel Lorimer ). Don’t be naughty and keep the updates coming. Till next time, sending lots of beagle kisses.

  3. Lindsey says:

    Why would she wave the old SA flag? Seriously.
    Glad you arrived safely and looks like you’re having fun.

  4. Doreen says:

    gee guys looks like you are having fun love the pics

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