NASA we have liftoff

Well today was the day we started our great trek up to Orlando. This is where we plan to spend 8 days running around some of the worlds greatest theme parks. But first its NASA, i got Tanya to come with me to the Kennedy Space Center, the very place that man was shot into space and landed on the moon. Here is a picture from us driving in, its a picture of the Vehicle Assembly Building or VAB.

Man oh man ever since i was a tiny little peter all I wanted to be was an astronaut and as we all know i just missed it. So this was the next best thing!

This place has 2 IMAX theatres, huge grounds with a hall of fame, shuttle launch experience, meet an astronaut and loads of other stuff oh and a super interactive theatre experience. To give you an idea, you re-live the actual launch of the 1st rocket to circle the moon and you right in the mission control center with all of the lights sounds smells and action unbelievable !

So we went on a 2hr tour of the whole of Cape Canaveral or the places we are allowed to go ;p. We saw launch pads, the countdown clock that we all get to see via the press, and also we got the sense of the size and importance NASA. It was so much fun and something I will never forget! AND
this place has merchandise coming out of every door, from pens, pins, hats, shirts, badges and astronaut snoopy’s. Super dooper cool!

Enjoy the pictures!!!

2 Responses to “NASA we have liftoff”

  1. Carmel says:

    Aaaah – look at Snoopy ( almost as cute as the real Snoopy back home ). Don’t be scared Aunty T, he won’t bite – lol.

  2. Wendy says:

    Sounds like you where in Heaven Peter, I know NASA is a place my dad and Bruce and even I would love to go to. The interactive theatre sounds very cool. Have a great rest of your trip.

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