The Keys – part 1 – Key Largo to Long Key

Ok, so… on Tuesday we took a road trip down the keys to the spend two nights at The Lime Tree Bay resort on Long Key.

On our way down, we stopped at Miami Homestead Speedway for a little look around.

We stayed at Lime Tree Bay resort, which was really really lovely – hammocks suspended from all the palm trees, a gorgeous blue pool overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. It was so calm and peaceful and beautiful I’d really recommend it for a quiet, relaxing couple of days.

The sunsets were also gorgeous!!

We took a drive up and down the island, checked out Anne’s Beach a few miles north of where we were… a stretch of “private beaches” dotted along the coast, separated by patches of trees and stuff.

It was nice and quiet, but our beach time was cut a bit short, as the tide started creeping in, and the beach is only a few metres wide… after moving higher up twice we kinda ran outta space, and headed back.

After two very relaxing days on Long Keys and surrounds, Peter and I headed down to Key West, leaving Ingrid and Fred at Lime Tree for another 2 days of holiday 🙂

… you can click on any of the above photos in the post to enlarge them… or any of the pics in the gallery below to see more 🙂

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