The Keys – part 2 – Long Key to Key West

So, after leaving Ingrid & Fred at Lime Tree, peter and I headed off to Key West!

Travelling to the Southern Most point in the United States!! The weather was a bit miserable, so the Seven Mile Bridge was not as spectacular as it would be on a clear day. Yip – that’s a 7 mile long bridge over the sea – 7 miles is just over 10km!!

after a 90 minute drive we got to key West and looked for the guest house we saw in a tourist book that we liked the look of… The Southermost Guest House is exactly that…!
It was built in 1885 by Cuban cigar maker Eduardo H. Gato, Jr…
here is a very interesting excerpt from their website about the house:

In 1885 Cuban cigar maker Eduardo H. Gato, Jr. built this handsome, rambling Victorian home on theSouthermost Point Guest House northwest corner of the world-renowned Duval Street. However, he soon wearied of the way the sun struck one of his favorite porches, and he called back the carpenters. He had the huge structure rolled across the street over logs, pulled by mules, and spun around to suit himself and the many guests who now enjoy its cool, shady porches.

– how cool is THAT!!??
Anyway… if you have ever been to Key West (which is 1.5 miles x 6 miles big… about 2km x 9km) you will know that the accomodation is not the most glamorous! hehe… we had red velvet for a blanket on the bed. Dusty glasses in the kitchen and a basket of mismatched towels in the bathroom… but it’s all part of the experience!
We had a little porch upstairs, which would give us a view of the southernmost beach in USA if the weather was clearer.

While in Key West the weather was pretty crap 🙁 overcast and a bit drizzly. We walked the world famous Duval Street up and down numerous times,… each time finding something new!
We also saw Ernest Hemingway’s house.
and visited the West Martello Fort which is now home to the Key West Garden Club

We did a bunch of tours:
The Ghosts and Gravestones Tour (which I found a bit of a waste of time, quite honestly)

Reef Snorkeling aboard the Fury (which was an hours trip out to the reef on a catamaran, an hours snorkel above the reef – equipment included – and an hour back with beer/margaritas/juice. It was quite nice, except I had forgotten how very very very seasick I get on a boat, and snorkelling in the sea… bleugh)

Conch Tour Train Key West – (by far the best tour we did in Key West. Very informative and interesting. Our guide, Bob, was awesome too!!)

Here’s a snippet of video of part of our tour 🙂 – you’ll see the big concrete marker which is the Southernmost Point in Continental United States – it is 90 miles to Cuba!! At this point, you are closer to Cuba than you are to Miami!!

In-between all this we bought loads of knick knacks and souvenirs and all sorts of general crap 😉
We really had a fun time in Key West!! 😀 😀 😀

We also spent the evening walking around the dock watching the street performers, artists and and browsing the market. There was a guy there with 2 dogs doing tricks – not such great tricks, but we loved it, coz we were missing our doglets a little 😉
Here’s a video of Rocket, the Flying Basset doing one of her tricks 😉

On Thursday morning we packed up, left the crazy Key West, headed back over the 7 mile bridge and picked up Ingrid and Fred on Long Key, and headed back to Boynton for a few days.

Here is a video of part of our drive over the 7 mile bridge… my memory card on my camera was pretty full, so we only got 1:22 minutes … but seen one mile, seen 7 😉

Back in Boynton, we rented a car (a red Chevvy – can’t think of the exact model now) and now we are all ready to our roadtrip up to Orlando to do the whole Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Seaworld thing!! Also, you’ll remember our earlier post about Medieval Times!
After a week in Orlando, we head back to Boynton, pick up our bags, and head down to Miami to watch a football match… and then it’s time to fly home 🙁 … let’s not think about that yet!

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  1. Carmel says:

    Sup Aunty T and Uncle P, Was it a conscious decision that you guys dressed like a chess board today – lol. Love the pictures – looks like you are having a good time.

  2. Tanya says:

    haha – of course it was on purpose!!
    I am the queen and peter is my little pawn 😉

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